Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Relationship Advice - Is Facebook Ruining Relationships?

Facebook is a phenomenal way of staying in touch with others. But for some, the convenience has turned into an obsession that is actually ruining their marriage. How can a social networking site create such turmoil in a relationship? Actually, there are several ways.

One problem is that individuals use it as a way to reconnect with past love interests. This is fine as long as the individual doesn't try to pick back up where they left off in the relationship. Using Facebook as a way to rekindle an old flame creates jealousy and envy for many. Husbands or wives do not want to think their spouse is communicating with old love interests and reminiscing about their time together.

Having a secret relationship is easy to conceal due to the way Facebook is set up. Having private messaging allows you to carry on a relationship with someone without your spouse knowing what is occurring. It is actually much more private than using a home phone, a cell phone or regular email.

Just remember to use discretion. A good rule of thumb is that if you are afraid to show your communications to your spouse or your love interest, then you are obviously doing something that you should be involved in.

But many people will say it is all just playful flirting. What happens is what one person calls innocent flirting may be too much for their spouse or love interest. Again, if you wouldn't share it with your partner then you probably should leave it alone. When you hide something, it puts more emphasis on the importance of it, regardless of whether or not you dismiss the seriousness of the matter.

Another issue is when an individual becomes so obsessed with Facebook they let it interfere with their daily lives. Some people have to know everything that is going on with everyone and it consumes so much of their time they neglect their own life. This is especially devastating for a marriage. Spouses are left alone and have no communication whatsoever with their partners because they are always on the computer.

Facebook is fine to use, as long as you use discretion. Be honest with your partner about what is going on and keep communication with an ex-love down to a bare minimum. If the communication bothers your love interest too much, then you should sit down and talk about it.

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