Monday, April 15, 2013

3 Ways to Capture His Heart

As this girl grows up, she dreams of a magnificent wedding to be followed by a reception that will be so huge and extravagant, everybody will want to be invited. Or, she could be dreaming of a smaller wedding and reception in a quiet place that makes the ceremony more personal and intimate. In either way, her next dream is all about a happy family life and even if she knows that happily ever after does not always happen, she dreams that hers would go along that path. The funny thing about dreams is that these are all good and no one talks or discusses about the travels and hardships by which these can be achieved.

3 Ways to Capture His Heart: The Real World

There are more women than men in the world today at a ratio of 7:4 and waiting for a man is not an option unless she wants to wait and wait, and later on become an old maid. Women often wonder how a woman who isn't that beautiful seems to attract men like a flower to a bee and how she is able to Capture His Heart with any man she chooses. What is her secret, they will ask themselves. They may speak among themselves as they tell each other that the woman is not even more beautiful than they are, but inside them they are all burning with envy at how she is doing it.

3 Tips

    Men are attracted towards women, who exude a feeling of independence. Men may be looking for beautiful women, but the woman who can show him that he isn't needed in her life makes them want her more. This is her secret to Capture His Heart. This comes as a challenge to them and an added bonus of having someone who is not so reliant on the men because she can live her life with or without them.
    In order to Capture His Heart, women need to plant the seed of 'forever with her' into their men. Men do not think as women do when it comes to relationships. In fact, men are perfectly willing to stay single longer and more adamantly than women.
    Lastly, to Capture His Heart, women need to change the way their men think when it comes to having a relationship with them. They need to present this thought without him realizing that he is being manipulated into thinking about it.

3 Ways to Capture His Heart: Fairytales

Fairy tales never work in the real world. The fairy tales never talk about the hardships and the days-long travel of Prince Charming just to reach the princess. In fact, all throughout the stories, the princess appears imprisoned or under a curse, but doing nothing at all; case at point, look at Sleeping Beauty. In the real world, women have to work at it in order to get the men they want.

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