Monday, April 15, 2013

3 Ways to Capture His Heart

As this girl grows up, she dreams of a magnificent wedding to be followed by a reception that will be so huge and extravagant, everybody will want to be invited. Or, she could be dreaming of a smaller wedding and reception in a quiet place that makes the ceremony more personal and intimate. In either way, her next dream is all about a happy family life and even if she knows that happily ever after does not always happen, she dreams that hers would go along that path. The funny thing about dreams is that these are all good and no one talks or discusses about the travels and hardships by which these can be achieved.

3 Ways to Capture His Heart: The Real World

There are more women than men in the world today at a ratio of 7:4 and waiting for a man is not an option unless she wants to wait and wait, and later on become an old maid. Women often wonder how a woman who isn't that beautiful seems to attract men like a flower to a bee and how she is able to Capture His Heart with any man she chooses. What is her secret, they will ask themselves. They may speak among themselves as they tell each other that the woman is not even more beautiful than they are, but inside them they are all burning with envy at how she is doing it.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Where Can I Find Love?

Everyone wants to find someone to love. Someone special who they can share their life with. Someone they can care about and who will care about them in return. Finding that special person can take time and patience. In the end, the wait will be well worth it for you.

If you are wondering how to find someone who you can love and spend your life with, then the first thing you need to do is to be patient. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is being desperate, not thinking clearly, and jumping into something that can be harmful to you both mentally and physically. Take your time, don't rush anything, and eventually you will find someone who makes you happy in life.

You need to get to know yourself, and think about what you're looking for in a potential soul mate. Think about what qualities and morals you're looking for in someone. If you are looking for a long-term relationship, you may want to consider where you're looking. Make sure you are putting yourself in the right kind of environment. Being active in a church and taking college courses, are just a couple of the more popular places to find someone.

Make sure you're ready to be in a relationship. Do you need to get yourself together first both mentally and physically? If you don't feel ready because of any personal issues that may be happening with you, then that's okay. Take your time, and get your issues resolved before bringing someone into your life. You need to be happy with yourself and life. Treat yourself with respect before anyone else can treat you the way you want to be treated.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

How Loving Couples Behave

Norman and Norma Burmah, at 102 and 99, have the longest marriage-82 years-on record in the United States. Imagine if they were unhappily married. What a long and dismal sentence that would be. While I don't know how happily married they are, I do know what they and others do when they are in a happy relationship. Certain behavioral patterns are shared by happy couples, whether recently united or going for the longevity record.


For one thing, they like each other. They genuinely get along without having to strain, suppress or otherwise fake it. They can be themselves in each other's company without having to put on any pretense whatsoever. They can act naturally and their partners like them just as they are. They're friends.

Really good friends enjoy each other's company, and would rather be with their partner than anyone else in the world. They share confidences, intimacies and daily stories that genuinely interest their partner. There's that word "genuine" again.


Being able to laugh together is like glue-it binds you to the person you share the laugh with, whether hilarious or whimsical. It's especially great if at least one partner has the capability to find humor or irony or something amusing when couples are in the midst of a disagreement. I have a friend whose husband "jollies" her out of being mad at him. She says he finds a way of turning their argument on its end so she sees it in a different light. And she has the capability of appreciating it. A good laugh is good medicine, in good times and bad.They can act naturally and their partners like them just as they are.