Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Relationship Advice - Is Facebook Ruining Relationships?

Facebook is a phenomenal way of staying in touch with others. But for some, the convenience has turned into an obsession that is actually ruining their marriage. How can a social networking site create such turmoil in a relationship? Actually, there are several ways.

One problem is that individuals use it as a way to reconnect with past love interests. This is fine as long as the individual doesn't try to pick back up where they left off in the relationship. Using Facebook as a way to rekindle an old flame creates jealousy and envy for many. Husbands or wives do not want to think their spouse is communicating with old love interests and reminiscing about their time together.

Having a secret relationship is easy to conceal due to the way Facebook is set up. Having private messaging allows you to carry on a relationship with someone without your spouse knowing what is occurring. It is actually much more private than using a home phone, a cell phone or regular email.

Just remember to use discretion. A good rule of thumb is that if you are afraid to show your communications to your spouse or your love interest, then you are obviously doing something that you should be involved in.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

How You Could Successfully End A Relationship

Ever since the beginning of time people have been separating. When men and women began to write, one of the issues they wrote about, even way back, was couples splitting up. The writings probably have changed and indeed the times have changed but ending a romantic relationship never has gotten any less difficult. Folks still go through the identical emotions, the same misery, as well as the same pain.

When you find yourself putting an end to a partnership, you need to acknowledge the fact that it really is over. You may think it wise to totally forget about your ex, however, while you try to forget you happen to be actually remembering the past bond. All this accomplishes is you still thinking about all those upsetting memories which just triggers serious emotional discomfort.

As mentioned before a split is never simple. Emotionally, it can be one of the most difficult things you will face in your lifetime. You are all aware of the phrase that "Time Heals All Wounds", and you probably do not want to even listen to that outdated expression, but in fact it's correct. Try to keep this in mind as you little by little mend your psychological scars.

Ending a romance may be particularly difficult if you still have contact with your ex. It is often awkward, particularly if you two work together. Establish some guidelines such as keeping matters as platonic as you can. Whenever you do engage in a discussion keep it low key, don't talk about your previous bond.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Five Attitudes That Helps You Get The Girl of Your Choice

Attitude 1: Get Exciting: Hot girls like guys who are exciting.To be exciting you have to be spontaneous. Play the unpredictable bad guy, and you have already set something in motion in her mind. Go around her, and make moves that she least expects. Make her laugh. Pick her up from the floor, toss her around, drag her, and do all sorts of things that make her feel less like a woman to be cared for and respected.

Result: She has lost her firm grip. She will be willing to bend to you because psychologically, she holds the belief that you have got a firm grip of her.

Attitude 2: Be Intimate: physical intimacy occurs when you are able to touch her and there is almost no barrier between the two of you. But girls need more than that. Get closer and spill some rotten beans about yourself, even before she asks. Set the mood, your voice pitch and control the atmosphere (e.g, by playing music, dimming the light, taking her to a quiet place, etc). Tell her your secrets, even if you have none, cook up something. Tell her a sob story.

Result: She needs to know you are strong, not because you have no sad story but because despite the challenges you've faced, you have decided to be the happy person. You have set the motion of trust in her. Now she realises you need to be loved, just like her.

Relationship Problems - Five Problems Ordinary Men Face That Exceptional Men Avoid

Nothing shameful about being an ordinary man. We all start out there. The problem with being an ordinary man is that it's a lot of work. You face the same Groundhog's Day problems over and over again. It's tough. And monotonous. And there's not a lot of perks.

In this article, I'll cover five of the top problems ordinary men face. If these sound familiar to you, you might be interested in learning more about becoming an exceptional man.

1. Ordinary men don't get enough attention. The ordinary man feels ignored by his woman much of the time. She spends a lot of time on her phone and on Facebook and then "lets" him spend time with her. But she doesn't show a lot of spark. She just assumes he'll be there. It's usually only when she's fighting with him that she fully engages with her man.

2. Ordinary men don't get enough affection. The ordinary man does a lot for his woman and feels like he doesn't get a lot back. The relationship feels unfair and unbalanced for him. He's always having to ask for his needs to get met. It's no position for a man to be in.

3. Ordinary men don't get enough sex. An ordinary man's woman is tired and stressed a lot. She never seems to be in the mood. And she seems to think that he is too sex-focused. She accuses him of using her for sex and only wanting her body. She may have caught him looking at porn and this only reinforced her view point, but the truth is he'd much rather have sex with her if she were willing.

4. Ordinary men are neck deep in drama. The only time anything gets interesting in the ordinary man's relationship is when he fights with his woman. And they seem to fight about everything. She has a very skewed idea of who he is and reads into everything he says or does. This leads to lots and lots of drama and lots and lots of work if he wants to address even the simplest issue that might come up. And he often just lets her win the fight just to keep the peace. He might justify this by saying: "You gotta pick your battles."

5. The ordinary man feels a lack of respect, trust and just basic softness from his woman. She acts like her Facebook friends are more interesting and funny than him. He finds her attention drifting when he talks to her about his plans. He sometimes feels like he's trying to prove himself to her. She sometimes acts like he is supposed to make her happy and that he's not doing his job so why should she do hers?

If any or all of these sound like you, you owe it to yourself to start planning a personal reinvention around what you want and deserve in your life and relationship. Which is just what I did.

If you want to find out more about how I went from ordinary to anything but and how it was the best thing I could have done for myself and for my woman. And if you want to get started right away learning the specific things you can do right now to start making changes in your relationship and life today.